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    soap:address rewrite in 7.1.1. Final

    Pasqualino Imbemba Newbie



      I'd like to modify the <soap:address> element of my EJB3 based, generated WSDL on my localhost.

      I've found this guide link, but I don't understand what to do precisely.


      My subsystem looks like this (running standalone-full.xml):




      <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:webservices:1.1">



                  <endpoint-config name="Standard-Endpoint-Config"/>

                  <endpoint-config name="Recording-Endpoint-Config">

                      <pre-handler-chain name="recording-handlers" protocol-bindings="##SOAP11_HTTP ##SOAP11_HTTP_MTOM ##SOAP12_HTTP ##SOAP12_HTTP_MTOM">

                          <handler name="RecordingHandler" class="org.jboss.ws.common.invocation.RecordingServerHandler"/>






      Does this mean I just need to change the value in wsdl-host tag to change soap:address? I tried this









      but it didn't work.