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    The Ownership model

    Dushyant Tiwari Newbie

      Hi All,


      I understand when we say noOfOwners=2, Infinispan creates a copy for HA. However I am not sure if there is some primary, backup archietecture in place. i.e writes will happen on the primary and backup is just an in-memory copy. When we do getKeySet on a cache we get all the sets of ley locally owned but this creates redundency as well i.e. if there are 2 owners both will return the key.

      However when map reduce job is executed by giving a target key it maps to a single node. The question I want to ask: it it possible to get the key (if noOfOwners=2) only on the node where the map reduce job for that key was executed and not on the other owner?


      To be clearer, I am doing the following:


      1. Execute a map reduce task on a node which is the owner of the key. (The task is routed to a node)

      2. Some data operations on this node. Indexes (ram based) created as well.

      3. After a timeout an async thread picks the data in the cache and performs some operations. (uses indexed queries) 


      Now I want step 3 to be only on the node where the map reduce job was executed. I all keySet() on the cache. We can also use custom code , if required, after fetching the keys to find out if they are on the 'primary' node.