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    Run Errai project from Eclipse: -server org.jboss.errai.cdi.server.gwt.JettyLauncher is not a valid option


      Hi, I followed this article (https://community.jboss.org/wiki/WorkingwithGWTCDIandErrai) to set up Eclipse for my Errai project. I used m2eclipse to import project into Eclipse then added the "-server org.jboss.errai.cdi.server.gwt.JettyLauncher" to lunch arguments. However it gives me following errors:


      Unknown argument: -server

      Google Web Toolkit 2.4.0

      GWTShell [-noserver] [-port port-number | "auto"] [-whitelist whitelist-string] [-blacklist blacklist-string] [-logdir directory] [-logLevel level] [-gen dir] [-bindAddress host-name-or-address] [-codeServerPort port-number | "auto"] [-out dir] [url]



        -noserver        Prevents the embedded web server from running

        -port            Specifies the TCP port for the embedded web server (defaults to 8888)

        -whitelist       Allows the user to browse URLs that match the specified regexes (comma or space separated)

        -blacklist       Prevents the user browsing URLs that match the specified regexes (comma or space separated)

        -logdir          Logs to a file in the given directory, as well as graphically

        -logLevel        The level of logging detail: ERROR, WARN, INFO, TRACE, DEBUG, SPAM, or ALL

        -gen             Debugging: causes normally-transient generated types to be saved in the specified directory

        -bindAddress     Specifies the bind address for the code server and web server (defaults to

        -codeServerPort  Specifies the TCP port for the code server (defaults to 9997)

        -out             The directory to write output files into (defaults to current)


        url              Automatically launches the specified URL


      It appeared to me that -server is not a valid option in GWTShell. I wonder where "-server" comes from? Am I missing anything? Has anyone ran into similar problems before?