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    Problem with triggering JBPM process from external source

    chandrasachin16 Newbie

      Hi All,

               I am new to JBPM.I had installed JBPM 5.2 on my system and I am able to create JBPM process and deploy it manually on JBOSS 7.I had also tried the same through eclipse.I had explored with custom work item handlers and sending emails.Also did JBPM integration with SQL Server 2008 database.But the point where I am stuck up is I want to create a Process and start the process from external web application.For example.In case of our HR evaluation process the employee goes and  logs  into the JBPM console and starts the process .The HR and the Manger the logs  into the JBPM console with their credential and approves it.What I want to do is I want to start the process from an external web application(which is actually initiated by the employee by logging into the JBPM console and explicitly starting the process) and let the approvers log into to the JBPM console with their credentials and approve it.