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rich:inplaceInput: how to call a DB update action on bean? (need suggestions)

Karsten Wutzke Expert

Hello all,


I have several places where I was planning to use an rich:inplaceInput to store an entity string field inside. These inputs are presented in two ways: either in a rich:dataTable or in a rich:tree:

<rich:treeNode type="doc" id="doc-node">
      <rich:inplaceInput value="#{treeNode.node.name}"


As for display, these are fine right now, but...




What is the code pattern to determine the entity that owns/references the field/property when the input is changed? (here the #{treeNode.node} entity)


It's supposed to call a method like: (or similar)

public void updateNode(Node nd)


I thought there would be an action="" attribute for inplaceInput much like on a commandButton, but that doesn't exist. All there is is a changeListener.


Are there any alternative ways to that, e.g. using the buttons that I use above to confirm the changes?


Can anybody make some recommendations? What would be the code pattern here? I'd like to have something that is as little "hacky" as possible.