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Submitting form by pressing RETURN in an h:inputText (displayed as a rich:popupPanel) not working

Karsten Wutzke Expert



I have a popup panel with a simple text field which I'd like to execute a form submit on pressing RET when inside the h:inputText component. I manage such an input popup as a Facelets sub view (note the #{popupX} and #{inputTextX} params etc., they are just <ui:param>s passed to a <ui:include>):

<rich:popupPanel modal="true"
                 onmaskclick="#{rich:component(popupId)}.hide(); return false;"
  <f:facet name="header">
    <h:outputText value="#{popupHeaderText}" />
  <f:facet name="controls">
    <h:outputLink value="#" onclick="#{rich:component(popupId)}.hide(); return false;">
      <h:outputText value="X" />
      <h:inputText value="#{inputTextBean[inputTextProperty]}"
                   onkeydown="if(event.keyCode == 13){#{rich:component(acceptButtonId)}.click(); return true;}if(event.keyCode == 27){#{rich:component(popupId)}.hide(); return false;}"
                   id="#{inputTextId}" />
  <h:panelGrid columns="2" style="margin: 0 auto;">
    <h:commandButton value="#{acceptButtonText}"
                     onclick="#{rich:component(popupId)}.hide(); return true;"
      <a4j:ajax execute="@this #{inputTextId}" render="@form" />
    <h:commandButton value="#{cancelButtonText}" onclick="#{rich:component(popupId)}.hide(); return false;" immediate="true" />


Here's the popup in action:


I have found this https://community.jboss.org/thread/194655 to be useful and the hiding by ESC works (event.keyCode == 27), however implementing the form submit (event.keyCode == 13) as a simulated button click doesn't.


Here's the relevant code only:

  <h:inputText ...
               onkeydown="if(event.keyCode == 13){#{rich:component(acceptButtonId)}.click(); return true;} if(event.keyCode == 27){#{rich:component(popupId)}.hide(); return false;}"
               ... />
  <h:commandButton ...


The problem here is that the rich:popupPanel + h:commandButtons are part of a panel that's displayed in a rich:tree (one popup per rich:treeNode), so the generated popup IDs are dynamic depending on where the popup is in the tree. The generated IDs look like this (here the popup):

<div id="tree-form:document-tree-one:__root__:add-root-chapter-popup" style="visibility: hidden;">
<div id="tree-form:document-tree-one:__root__.TreeKey_-98854384:add-nested-chapter-popup" style="visibility: hidden;">


Inside the popup there's the h:commandButton with the ID #{acceptButtonId} that I want to simulate the click on RET press. I exchanged the JS document.getElementById(...) from the forum thread solution mentioned above by rich:component to find the button the way the popup is found.


But Firebug tells me that

RichFaces.$("tree-form:document-tree-one:__root__:new-root-chapter-name-button") is undefined


In the generated HTML page the popup OK button appears as:

<input id="tree-form:document-tree-one:__root__:new-root-chapter-name-button" type="submit" name="tree-form:document-tree-one:__root__:new-root-chapter-name-button" value="OK" onclick="jsf.util.chain(this,event,'RichFaces.$(\'tree-form:document-tree-one:__root__:add-root-chapter-popup\').hide(); return true;','RichFaces.ajax(this,event,{&amp;quot;parameters&amp;quot;:{&amp;quot;javax.faces.behavior.event&amp;quot;:&amp;quot;action&amp;quot;,&amp;quot;org.richfaces.ajax.component&amp;quot;:&amp;quot;tree\\u002Dform:document\\u002Dtree\\u002Done:__root__:new\\u002Droot\\u002Dchapter\\u002Dname\\u002Dbutton&amp;quot;} ,&amp;quot;sourceId&amp;quot;:this} )');return false" />



What's wrong with this? The popup just doesn't submit the form. The IDs used in the generated RichFaces.$() expression appear to be correct if you ask me.


Note, that using an <a4j:commandButton> makes no difference here.


Can anyone help?