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arquillian.org The Showcase

Aslak Knutsen Master

I've hacked up a little Showcase view for arquillian.org based on the arquillian-showcase examples.


In short what the Extension do:


* Run through all Examples in the Showcase

* Extract metadata from poms (name, description, profiles)

* Scan through all *.java files to find import statements (API's in use)

* Match import statements against known package names (Technologies) (CDI(javax.enterprise), EJB(javax.ejb))

* Extract Class level JavaDoc from Test/TestCase java files

* Use example modules README file as example content if it exists


The Showcase Index page lists Examples Grouped By Technology.


Known bugs:


* multi line code examples in README is not removing white space on 2. > line

* Modal window popups in "TEST CASES" section does not work if "Run Examples" has been pressed(click unregisted?)

* "API'S IN USE" section is way to wide to be where it is

* Strange Index page layout

* Not all Examples have README files. These are marked with a angry Ike in on the index page


Currently the Showcase reuse fully the Guide style, which kinda works, but should be tweaked some..


staging site: http://staging-arquillian.rhcloud.com/showcase/

source: https://github.com/aslakknutsen/arquillian.github.com/tree/showcase


comments on layout, content etc etc are very welcome..