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    Jboss As 7 MySQL


      Dear all

      I have one question that about MySQL in Jboss As 7.

      When I using Jboss to connect to Mysql successful whyI can't see any tables in phpmyadmin, like this figure1.


      I'm sure that I had connect to Mysql in the figure 2


      But when I used in the version of Jboss 4.2.3.GA which I can see these tables in the figure3.


      So, is it correct in Jboss As 7? Or I missed some steps?

      Maybe someone has the problem as same as me.

      Thanks for help.

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          Very simple


          JBoss AS7 does not need the database 'DefaultDS' as before, in previous versions JBossMessaging and EJB-Timer store data into this scheme.

          AS7 use HornetQ which use filesystem persistence. Also the ejb-timer persistence has a filesystem persistence.

          As you mentionend, you don't have to change any configuration if you remove the DefaultDS configuration.


          Your MySQL is only used if you deploy an application.

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            To Wolf-Dieter Fink


            Thanks for your explain. It's very clearly and make me to know why.

            I'm a rookie at Jboss and Java, and I'll keep learning.


            Thanks for your help again.