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    Problem installing JBossTS 4.16.4 Final

    paulpa63 Newbie



      Environment: Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.6


      I have recently downloaded the package jbossts-full-4.16.4.Final.zip in order to use transactions with Infinispan, but have failed at the first hurdle: installation.  I read JBossJTA-4.15.1-JbossJTA_Installation_Guide-en-US.pdf located in the docs folder and carried out the simple steps described in section 2.2 and the expected output was seen in the terminal.  However, on system restart I performed "service --status-all" and this did not reveal any jboss services available.  I made a file search of the jars contained within the zip and also looked briefly at some of the scripts and wrapper configs and my suspicion is that there are misisng dependencies in this package?  (I also tried the same install procedure on an Ubuntu 10.04 desktop workstation with the same result.)


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks