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    debugging methodology

    rsmithh Newbie

      Can anybody suggest a methodology for debugging internal richfaces exceptions?


      Specifically, I'm getting ...

      SEVERE: Servlet.service() for servlet [FacesServlet] in context with path [/tl2010-4] threw exception [null] with root cause


                at org.richfaces.taglib.ComponentControlHandler.processNextHandler(ComponentControlHandler.java:96)

                at org.richfaces.taglib.ComponentControlHandler.processNestedTags(ComponentControlHandler.java:67)

        .... etc


      I'm porting from 3.2->4.2 and haven't yet got it to a state that the page is being displayed. Unfortunately it's a complex page with a large number of components, so I have no simple way to determine which component is causing the error.


      I'm hoping that there is a log level I can invoke which will show which xhtml file, component was being processed at the time of the exception.


      - Roy