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    Scheduled message stuck on last-value-queue until HornetQ restart: suggestions?

    barrys Newbie

      Is there a conflict when sending a message (having the _HQ_SCHED_DELIVERY property) to a last-value-queue?  The problem I am experiencing is that the message gets stuck on the queue and is not delivered to the queue consumer until HornetQ is stopped and restarted.


      Sending multiple messages with the same _HQ_LVQ_NAME property value appears to work as expected for a last-value-queue.  Inspecting the queue using jconsole shows the multiple messages have been eliminated with the scheduledCount set to 1 as expected.  However, when the scheduled time for message occurs the message is not delivered.  Only when HornetQ is restarted is the message delivered.


      What is the problem?  And how to get around it if possible?  Could this be a bug?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!