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    Will Richfaces3.3.3 Fileupload work on Ipad safari browser?


      Hello Team,

           We were trying to use one of our web applicaitons which was built using JSF/Richfaces 3.3.3 in IPAD safari browser. We are using the Richfaces File Upload component in the application and it works fine in desktop browsers. But it does not work in IPAD safari or chrome browsers.


      I verified this by browing the richfaces 3.3.3 file upload demo. Even in the demo page the file upload does not work. When i click the "Add" button, no pop up is coming up for selecting a file. Any idea how we can make it work with IPad based safari browsers?

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          Hello Nishanth,


          as far as I know, Safari web browser does not expose interface for filesystem operations, thus file uploading is not possible. Therefore rich:fileUpload will not work on Safari browsers. Device has to be jailbroken to workaround it, but maybe there are other workarounds.


          Hope you will find some.