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    Issue when accessing nonserialized java object in stateless session bean

    sudhananthan B Newbie

      I'm using JBOSS AS 7 and jdk 1.7. In which i created a simple ejb project with session bean(BookCatalogBean) and a local plain java object(SimpleClass.java) which is not serialized. When i tried to call a method by invoking session bean it throws an exception  ::::: java.io.NotSerializableException(The full trace has been attached in this thread ). The exception is due to my SimpleClass.java is not serialized But i don't want it to be serialized.


      My class defenition as follows:


      Session Bean:



      public class BookCatalogBean implements  BookCatalogInterface{


                 @PersistenceContext(unitName = "EntityBean")

                    private EntityManager em;


      public SimpleClass checkforDatabaseConnection() {

             SimpleClass simpleclassl= new SimpleClass() ;



             return simpleclassl;





      Simple Non Serialized java class:


      public class SimpleClass {

            long id;


          public long getId() {

              return id;



          public void setId(long id) {

              this.id = id;





      Please any one give me the solution for the above issue.

      Thanks in advance.