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    No goals are selectable in maven "Run as..." dialogue via Indigo (SR2)

    K G Newbie



      I have recently installed Eclipse Indigo (SR2) and JBoss Tools via the Eclipse Marketplace.

      I attempted to create a very simple Maven project via the m2e wizards which went fine.

      I then right-clicked on the POM and selceted Run as../Maven build.... When I clicked on the "Select"

      button in the resultant dialogue , there were no goals displayed.


      A post on another forum described the same problem exactly and provided the following solution:


      • Open the Maven View
      • Right-click on the Central repository (under Global Repsotiories) and enable full indexing. Once this process has finished, rebuild the indexes.


      I tried this but it had no effect.


      I'd be grateful if anyone can advise whether I have missed something obvious here or whether there is anotehr way to get the IDE

      to recognise maven goals in the Run configurations dialogue.