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    Security JMS Queue


      We operate in a 2-way ssl environment.  I'm trying to secure a jms queue I created in jboss 5. 

      Using jndi, I can create my initial context and send messages to the cue, but I want to lock it down.


      We've switched our containers from weblogic to jboss.  In weblogic, when creating an initial context,

      in changing the url over, it was as simple as changing t3 to t3s and the port from 8080 to 443.

      Nothing really complicated there.  However, in jboss, I get all kinds of CommunicationExceptions --

      failed to retrieve stub from server... when using jnps://mymachine:443 


      I need to be able to send messages to this machine from various remote clients in a 2-way ssl environment.


      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Once I lock this down, I'll start asking about securing it further

      by protecting with roles... :-)






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          Ok, so I found this remoting-sslbisocket-service.xml file.  I configured it with my keystore information and plopped it in the ${SERVER}/deploy/messaging folder

          and restarted my server.  Now, in the log, I see a reference to the non-secure port(4457), but nothing referencing the secure port(4459).  Is there something else

          I would need to do?



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            I saw some posts on the HornetQ forum which looked similar to this.  Are you still using JBoss Messaging or did you change to HornetQ?

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              Well, our current version of jboss is 5.1.  We're likely to upgrade soon, so I've switched concentration to jboss 6 and hornetq.