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Issue with mod_cluster routing

Madhu Kidambi Newbie

Hi All,


I am facing an issue with mod_cluster routing.


I have the followng env:


Staging Env:


Machine1: Apache 2.2/mod_cluster


Machine2: JBoss AS 5.1 with 1 instance


Prod Env:




Machine1: Apache 2.2/mod_cluster


Machine2: Apache 2.2/mod_cluster




Machine1: JBoss AS 5.1 -  Clustered Instance 1

Machine2: JBoss AS 5.1 -  Clustered Instance 2


In staging Env I have configured mod_cluster in Non-Clustered mode and it worked fine.


After I configured mod_cluster on both Production Web Server machines, and before making configurations on Prod Jboss instances, I found that the Prod mod_cluster is automatically routing to Staging JBoss instance.


Also found that the staging mod_clulster is not working properly and throwing routing errors(to Production App servers) though the application is running fine on the Staging env.


I felt I need to configure mod_cluster to route to olny specific IPs or prevent to not to route to all AJP connectors


Cany any one help on how to acheive this in the mod_cluster configuration ?