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    A new load testing tool, Iago


      One of the tenants of Arquillian is to enable developers to write a broad spectrum of tests. One type of test that often gets overlooked, to the peril of an application's own success, is load testing.


      Twitter just open sourced a load testing tool that runs on the JVM called Iago (https://github.com/twitter/iago). This could be a unique opportunity to integrate load testing into the Arquillian platform.


      From the readme:


      Iago is a load generation tool that replays production or synthetic traffic against a given target. Among other things, it differs from other load generation tools in that it attempts to hold constant the transaction rate. For example, if you want to test your service at 100K requests per minute, Iago attempts to achieve that rate.


      Because Iago replays traffic, you must specify the source of the traffic. You use a transaction log as the source of traffic, in which each transaction generates a request to your service that your service processes.


      Replaying transactions at a fixed rate enables you to study the behavior of your service under an anticipated load. Iago also allows you to identify bottlenecks or other issues that may not be easily observable in a production environment in which your maximum anticipated load occurs only rarely.


      Does anyone have experience with Iago or other load testing tools? How to you envision the integration with the Arquillian platform?

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          Hi Dan,


          I don't have personal experience with Iago, but I found it as a good match and want to evaluate it as part of in "performance testing with Arquillian" extension efforts,


          the project which our (originally GSoC) student Oliver Kiss is involved in.