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    PerfRunner: easy performance and scalability measurement with JUnit


      Hello testing enthusiasts,


      The recent thread about Iago prompted me to tie up a few loose ends in one of my pet projects, PerfRunner.


      PerfRunner is a JUnit test runner that makes it easy to test how some code will perform with one or more varying parameters (for example, variously sized data structures, varying numbers of threads, various numbers of invocations, ...). It's not a load testing tool like Iago: its focus is on observing how a certain routine behaves over many invocations and under various parameters.


      An example will do it more justice than me rambling about it, though.


      The simplest possible usage example is here

      And the HTML file that you get from running it is here.


      A more complex example involving multiple parameters is here

      And the HTML file that you get from running that one is here.


      I'm interested in feedback, and in knowing if anyone thinks it would be worthwhile to make this work with Arquillian (a test can only have one TestRunner, so we'd need to discuss the options for making the two work together in the same test class).


      Cheers, Jonathan