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    Cannot start localhost:8080/jbpm-console (jBPM5, JBOSS7)

    Lisa Lipsky Newbie

      Hey everyone. I'm new to jbpm and jboss so I find myself lost in all the settings and configuration.


      I downloaded jbpm-5.3.0.Final-installer-full.zip and followed the instructions ant install.demo. It seems to install succesfully. Running ant start.demo also seem to be successful but I cannot access localhost:8080/jbpm-console. I cannot even acces localhost:8080 and I have no other applications using the port when I'm running this app. I did a search in this forum however, there are several things I don't understand and would like some clarifications:-


      1. The thread here mentioned something about jbpm-gwt-console-server.war.deployed and jbpm-gwt-console.war.deployed files in jboss-as-7.0.2.Final/standalone/deployments folder. I do not have those. What will cause these files to be generated?
      2. Where can I find the server log file? I can't seem to locate it within the jboss-as-7.0.2.Final folder.
      3. I tried localhost:9092 and it gave me a version mismatch error. Is this related to my issue?


      I completely have no prior knowledge to this application so am grateful for any guidance and advise. Thanks in advance.