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    How to redirect to home.jsf when session is active.....?





      i have one Issue ..


      I have one Saas based Application


      I have one URL : http://localhost:8080/JPMS/login.jsf

      its a Login Page


      Once we enter a username and Password : its goes to homePage




      Now : i am going to one funtionality : http://localhost:8080/JPMS/facelets/frontoffice/reservation/reservation1.jsf


      now remove the  facelets/frontoffice/reservation/reservation1.jsf from the URL Bar and Press Enter


      now its going to http://localhost:8080/JPMS/login.jsf


      But My Expected Solution is http://localhost:8080/JPMS/facelets/home.jsf


      not only reservation.jsf any funtionality i go .. if resfreshes it should go to home.jsf still user user logged out


      Because the user still logged in ..its should be Home page ... can u tel me what i shall i do for this

      .. what configuration i should do .. can u tel how to handle this ...if u have any doubts please reply asap