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rich:pickList Converter.getAsObject -> problems with Injection

Martin Book Newbie



i have following Picklist:


<rich:pickList id="acc1" value="#{passwdDetail.uFuncSelected}" ...
<f:selectItems value="#{passwdDetail.items.kUserFunktionItems}" ...
<f:converter converterId="RoleConverter" />    


I have tried to use @Inject or @EJB to inject Persistence class. Both cause Nullpointer-Exception.

public class RoleConverter implements Converter{
 EntityManager em;
 private PasswdProducer passwdProducer;
 public Object getAsObject(FacesContext arg0, UIComponent arg1, String arg2) {
  //List <KUserFunktion> kuser=em.createQuery( "from KUserFunktion").getResultList(); 
  List <KUserFunktion> kuser=passwdProducer.findAll(KUserFunktion.class);
  for (KUserFunktion userFunk : kuser ) {
   if (String.valueOf(String.valueOf(userFunk.getId())).equals(arg2)) {
    return userFunk;
  return null;