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    Session Id no longer Alphanumeric

    adetola fadahunsi Newbie

      HI all,


      I have just integrated a Web App I had on JBOSS 6 to JBOSS 7.1.1 I have noticed that the SessionId is no longer alphanumeric it has  + and -  signs. As this application is currently acting as a portal to a legacy system running Apache server with Perl and depends on the sessionId this HTML incompatible of the session id is a problem. Before going through the possibility of encoding or even just stripping out non alphanumeric characters. Is it there a configurable option to get the old way back. If I look at the SessionId of the root context where JBOSS APP is running its JSESSION ID is as before Capitalized alphanumeric characters so I am hoping I can achieve this also in my Web app.