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    How can I disable mannualy the remove button from the rich:pickList?


      I have done a lot of searches in many sites without success. I'm working with the rich:pickList and it's working fine. I just need to find a way to disable the remove button at the moment I select an item located in the target list. I suppose it could be done with JavaScript or JQuery but I have no experience with that.


      The most I've done is to get the text of the selected item of the target list, but I would like to obtain the entire object represented by that item. Besides, I have looked for the button in the DOM tree but the button has no id, so I can't figure out how to find the button in order to can give it the right style class to disable it, and how to do this!


      I hope somebody can help out with this. I really will appreciate it. Thanks in advance for any comments.