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    Cross-container integration testing using Arquillian


      I have configured initial version of Arquillian-based tests.


      They are using Arquillian Warp and Drone extensions.


      To allow them to be run on both, Mojarra and MyFaces implementations, we have decided to use:


      • JBoss AS 7.1.x (Mojarra 2.x)
      • Apache TomEE (MyFaces 2.x)


      By default, tests are ran during unit-test execution on JBoss AS managed container with HtmlUnit.


      We configure additionally some profiles to allow fast development and extensive coverage:


      • container-jbossas-managed-7
      • container-jbossas-remote-7
      • container-tomee-remote
        • remote containers improves development-time
      • browser-chrome
          • browser-firefox
      • browser-remote-reusable
        • remote reusable session as Selenium test development improvement


      Additionally, arquillian-tomee-managed container should be configured to allow continous integration on managed TomEE:





      Now, we need to configure those tests to be run with managed-container versions and on real browsers in Continous-Integration environment:


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          I have refactored Core integration tests to separated source folder: src/test/integration.




          By default, build does not run those tests,

          you can run them using (the JBoss AS 7 (Mojarra) integration will be tested):


          $ mvn verify -Dintegration=jbossas




          Additionally, you can run following configuration to test integration with TomEE (MyFaces)


          $ mvn verify -Dintegration=tomee


          Note that TomEE 1.0.0 have to be started (managed container still does not exists: RF-12363).




          To skip unit tests and run just integration tests, you can use -DskipTests=true


          $ mvn verify -Dintegration=jbossas -DskipTests=true