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        Hi Leo, thank you for quick response. We are in the mid of a project close to end. We have used standard itext pdf generation so far. The quality of our reports are below the expectation although we spend significant time on them. We decided using Jasper but couldn't find a good documentation to use Jasper in Seam 2. After reading your response, I browsed documentation of Seam3 (found only html version of it in the site) Seam Reports looks like the solution that we need but can we use it in a Seam 2 project? Or should we migrate to Seam 3, if this is the case it won't work for us at this stage of the project I would rather use your solution developed for Seam 2 if you can document it. 

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          I am getting concerned, it looks like Seam 3 is going to kill the awesome Seam 2 !!

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