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    Problems of node positions inside of the nested embedded sub-processes


      I am using the Eclipse BPMN Designer (BPMN2 Process Editor) that came with jBPM 5.1.x and 5.2.0. In a process, I used an embedded sub-process. Inside of the sub-process, I created another embedded sub-process (nested sub-process). I put the start, script task and end nodes in there. After saving the bpmn file and I opened it again from the Eclipse. Then, I saw that the nested sub-process node X, Y positions went wrong (they got negative numbers).


      Is this a bug? There is no problem with the outer embedded sub-process. I am attaching my sample bpmn file (nestedembeddedsub.bpmn) - when you open it, the nodes inside of the inner Sub-Process2 will be displayed incorrectly.


      Any advice will be much appreciated.