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    Error in named query: ProcessInstancesWaitingForEvent

    darren hartford Expert

      Hey all,

      I'm new to BPMN, and although I've been playing with the Guvnor/Designer, I wanted to get more into the Eclipse side with testing/implementation work.


      Unfortunately....I got stopped right away with the error "Error in named query: ProcessInstancesWaitingForEvent" with the stock example.


      Jboss Developer Studio 5.0, JBPM 5.3.0 final


      ->New JBPM project, 'advanced process including human tasks and persistence'


      Running either the junit test, or just the normal main method, without any changes on my own....I'm already stuck :-(


      I saw old issues/posts from 2009 around 4.5 that was resolved with 4.6+, so not sure why I'm having issues with this setup (never installed the older JBPM).  The old issues mentioned modifying orm.xml files..but I have none of this in the stock project (nor named queries or anything that can be modified, it looks like this is from the libraries).


      Thanks, feeling unable to move forward if the stock examples aren't working...