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    How do I run a jBPM project?

    Eric Snyder Newbie

      OK...total noob here. I have been looking at various other solution (Bonita, Intalio and others). Now I am checking out jBPM. Interesting. I have no Java experience but have plenty of programming. I have read the documentation but and confused with how one deploys an application. With the other BPM software I have looked at there has usually been a deploy method of some kind. I suspect that jBPM has been written to be exteremly flexible so there is more than one answer to this. So...


      How do I get a test or sample application to be a process in the jBPM console?

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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          You're right there are couple of ways to add your process definitions to be available for execution in jbpm console, to name two:

          • model/upload your process in Guvnor that contains web designer and next build the package it resides in
          • copy your process into directory where console will check - it is defined by jbpm.console.directory property of jbpm.console.properties

          I recommend using guvnor and web designer to get started with jbpm as you can do all the steps from modeling of the process through execution to generating reports from business activity monitoring data gather during execution.


          Take a look at following section of documentation that illustrates how to use guvnor and web designer: http://docs.jboss.org/jbpm/v5.3/userguide/ch.installer.html#d0e559