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rang s Newbie

When I start 2 instances of Infinispan Servers, they tend to form a cluster automatically. How do I disable this ? Any idea ?

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    Mircea Markus Master

    If you want to use infinispan as a local cache only, then remove the "clustring" element from the configuration file.

    Alterantively, you can configure it programatically:

          ConfigurationBuilder cb = new ConfigurationBuilder();


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    rang s Newbie

    Ok, I have two AS7 instances. I made the caches local, still they seem to form a cluster.. Is there any auto-discovery via JGroups which does this ? How do I disable this ?

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    Mircea Markus Master

    if you mark the cache as local then it must be some other ISPN cache that starts the cluster. Do you use any kind of clustering?

    Posting the following would help narrow down the problem: the way you configure the cache (programmatic/xml), the TRACE logs of the AS.