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    SwitchYard and ESB Integration (Need your suggestion)!!!




      I'm looking for a way to implimente a Solution based on JBPM, ESB and an Intranet (J2EE). I'm  new to the SwitchYard Comunity, and i don't know if the SwitchYard it's the perfect solution for my architecture or not.


      Please need your Suggestion.



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          Whereas we appreciate you interest in SwitchYard, you did not give us any information on your what you're trying to accomplish, what your challenges are, what your environment/current achitecture is like, what your known requirements are, what the application interface points are, etc, etc. Without this information it would be impossible for us to even venture a guess.


          Best regards,


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            Hi David,


            Firstly thank you So much for your quick reply.


            In my situation, i have a kind of SOA that englobe a lot of Softwares (SugarCRM / Quickbooks / Sharepoint Server ...). and the requirement here is to develope an intranet (J2EE / Swing3 MVC / Mysql) solution based on BPM, and also communicate this application with othere softwares (Here i thought to use an ESB).


            I ask for hemp on the JBPM Forum and someone told me that the SwitchYard will be a good solution in my case.


            So my question, is how SwhitchYard can be used to integrate a JBPM & ESB ?


            Note: I had already Install JBPM5 Using the Ant Script.



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              Hi Touil,


              Thanks for the added details.  Still very high level, but something we can start with.   As long as the products you need to integrate with expose integration points (like SOAP web services, for example) that you can call out to / invoke in some way, and we (SwitchYard) have matching gateways for those integration points, then the BPM capability within SwitchYard should be able to orchestrate invocations among those services.


              In addition to several out-of-the-box gateways, SwitchYard also integrates tightly with Apache Camel, thus any of the gateways it provides should work from within SwitchYard as well.




              Regarding jBPM, it is the underlying engine our BPM component uses in SwitchYard. Thus, you don't need to "install" jBPM yourself.  If you download our JBoss AS7 SwitchYard distribution, all the BPM dependencies will already be fulfilled.  I do suggest you do some reading on jBPM first to have a solid understanding on how it works.  Then, check out the BPM component documentation in SwitchYard to see how we integrate with it from both a service provider and service consumer point-of-view.  Here are some links.  I will note that the last (wiki) link is a bit out-of-date with regard to package+class names, but be assured the SwitchYard documentation is indeed current.





              Hope this helps,


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                Thank you So much David, i appreciate your help.


                I will check those links and let you know what i get.


                Have a good day.