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    Hibernate tools for Hibernate 4.x

    Marcel Stör Newbie

      What's the status of Hibernate tools for Hibernate 4.x?



      After upgrading to Hibernate 4.x the hibernate3-maven-plugin 3.0 failed. It uses hibernate-tools 3.2.4.GA internally. I could work around the issues by adding an explicit dependency to Hibernate 3.6 like so











      This, however, has negative side-effects because new Hibernate 4 features are not present while running hbm2ddl.

      Thanks to the new data type auto-registration in Hibernate 4 (put to work by Usertype for Joda Time data types) we were able to remove all @Type(type = "org.jadira.usertype.dateandtime.joda.PersistentDateTime") annotations from our entities. Now while running hbm2ddl in Maven "works" the generated schema doesn't contain proper data type declarations because Hibernate 3.6 doesn't know about Joda Time.


      Hibernate tools on Github

      I saw that there's some action on https://github.com/hibernate/hibernate-tools/. How likely is it that building the latest 4.0.0 SNAPSHOT from there myself will fix the above mentioned issues?



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