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    Any help with Jbpm-Console problem please.

    Luis Victor Newbie

      I challenge to the members of the community to download the 5.3 final release follow the documentation instructions and  test the jbpm-demo evaluation process. If you login as mary and john and see the tasks assigned for every one, please send me your feedback.

      Is very frustating i have months in the jbpm console and human task issue and i don't have a solid answer from the master members. Is very painful spend a lot time i even build from source the tool and get the same problem. My hands are tied i can´t advance in my work. I think that is responsability of the community to solve this crucial issues. Please publish something that we can download and fix this. Is not appropiated that the 5.3 final release be avalaible for download in internet with this issues. Please send me feedback.  

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