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    RichFaces rendering issues in IE9


      While using components like rich:tree, eich:editor in IE9 browser (without compatibility mode or using X-UA-Compatible META Tag), I'm facing the below issues with these components.

      • In rich:tree, clicking on the node makes that entire node disappear from the tree, instead of just expanding that node.
      • In rich:editor, the value of the editor is always coming as empty.

      Both these issues are not observed while using IE8 or IE9 in compatibility mode. But, I'm not able to use X-UA-Compatibile META Tag as my page is a child page within a container and the container page cannot be changed.


      I wanted to know, is there any update available for the RichFaces JARs to address this issue ?

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          What is your Mojarra version? There was a bug in versions earlier than 2.1.7 that could possibly be causing the behavior

          you are seeing. Please see this post:






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            My mojarra version is still 1.2_12-b01-FCS and RF is 3.3.1, but I am not having issues with re-rendering (as mentioned in the other discussion). Re-rendering happens perfectly with most of the other RF components (in IE9), but the issue is with only very few of them, which I've mentioned above.


            I can try updating my mojarra to anything above 2.1.7 and post here, if it works.




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              It wasn't apparent to me that you were using RF3 so of couse my reply is totally irrelevant. This looks like a good

              post to read through and follow the links within it:




              It doesn't look like there's a way to dynamically switch IE compatibility mode other than the meta tag, so it looks

              like it all depends on the workings of your container/child page. With JSF 2 templates you would be able to

              ui:define a "header" section that could be inserted between the h:head tags in the template, so you could have

              child page specific content within the header including meta tags. Is there nothing similar you could do?


              Good luck,