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    Invalid Error marker when using Hibernate @Type annotation

    cpuffalt Newbie

      We're seeing invalid error markers when using the Hibernate @Type annotation where the type value we're specifying isn't actually a Class name.  This looks like a bug in JBoss Tools (I have the new Candidate Release installed).


      Sample class:


      import javax.persistence.Entity;
      import javax.persistence.Id;
      import org.hibernate.annotations.Type;
      public class TestEntity
        private Long id;
        @Type(type = "yes_no")
        private Boolean flag;


      The error marker states Type class "yes_no" could not be found. but this is actually valid.


      I did find some similar cases (JBIDE-11364, JBIDE-11368) in the bug tracker but not one that discribed this issue exactly.  Should I create a bug report for this?