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    Install JBOSS tools on Eclipse Juno (4.x)




      I recently adopted Eclipse Juno for my IDE and went to the marketplace to install the JBOSS tools.  I noticed that there is only a package for Indigo and not one for Juno as of yet.


      I am on Mac OS X (Mountain Lion 10.8) and got the AS7 server running and starting at login.  This box is not a production box, but my development box.  I would probably deploy to a Linux box (specifically CentOS or Scientific) in production.  This is all background information.


      The question is how to get the JBoss Tools setup in Eclipse Juno?  I tried to install the Indigo package and got dependency errors so if someone has actually installed JBoss tools on Juno and in Mac OSX Mountain Lion, I could use some pointers on getting it done.


      Also be nice to know when the native Juno version of the tools may be available


      Thank-you in advance for your help.


      BTW:  I am planning to develop in Grails/Groovy using JSP and want to explore the use of JSF (Java Server Faces) as well.  I am pretty new to this end of the spectrum of Java.