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    Mobile Browser Simulator Error

    Steven ONeill Newbie



      I recently downloaded JBoss Tools (for Indigo) from the Eclipse Marketplace into a fresh 32bit Indigo Eclipse environment, but had a problem I can't seem to solve.



      I followed the video tutorial along and everything worked - until I tried to launch the BrowserSim, which threw an error and suggested I install Quicktime.  I went ahead and installed QT, relaunched eclipse, but then got the attached error.



      I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling JBoss tools.  Based on other posts I read, I tried installing ITunes and Safari for good measure, I tried another new eclipse folder and workspace, but no dice there either.



      Could anyone suggest some other troubleshooting steps?  I'm quite stuck here.  Host OS is windows 7 64bit.


      Thank you,