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    JNDI name for xa datasource not found in JBoss-



      I want to configure a XA Datasource for a Derby database in a JBoss- server. I have used the Web Admin Interface to create the atached file "jdbc-ds.xml". The datasource is successfully bound to "java:jdbc/__default". Here is the first think which confuses me. I set the JNDI name to "jdbc/__default" but the console says that the datasource is bound to my JNDI name prefixed with "java:". Can I lookup the datasource by the name "java:jdbc/__default" or "jdbc/__default"? What is the reason for the prefix?

      Then I want to access the datasource inside of a bean, deployed on the server, with the following code:



      private static final String JNDI_NAME_XA = "jdbc/__default";


      @Resource(name = JNDI_NAME_XA)

      private DataSource _ds_xa;



      When the server trys to deploy the bean, the console output says "mapped-name is required for jdbc/__default of deployment PlainDataSourceTestBean" and the bean is not deployed. I also tryed the JNDI name "java:jdbc/__default" with the same result, although a few lines above the console output says "Bound ConnectionManager 'jboss.jca:service=DataSourceBinding,name=jdbc/__default' to JNDI name 'java:jdbc/__default'".

      Which JNDI name do i really have to use, and do I have do do some more configuration?