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    jBPM 5 + Vaadin?


      Hi @ all,


      is there anybody using jBPM5 together with Vaadin to control (and validate) some web based user forms?

      Some experiences/code snippets/example processes available how to combine both technologies?


      Thanks a lot in advance!


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          Is there nobody out there using jBPM5 in combination with web technologies?

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            Hi Tom,

            if you know how to use vaadin, then using it with jBPM5 is just using any other lib with it.

            There is nothing strange that you need to know about that. I'm using GWT, but it will be the same as using any other Web Technology.

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              Hi Mauricio,


              thanks for the tip.


              Actually, I am working with the following example and try to adapt/cut out the activiti part and use jBPM instead.



              Do you know any more (complex) examples I can use to as a "treasure map" to find the right way?



              Sporty regards,


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                I'm no sure to understand, but do you want to make that example to work before running into more advanced one? or are you looking for a more complex example because you got that working.

                If you are trying to adapt an UI that was built for another process engine you should:


                1) Set up jbpm5 in the right way to be able to support the process execution + replace the API calls

                2) fill all the VOs/DTOs that the other process engine is using to send to the UI with the information that you can get from jBPM5

                3) see which bits were hardcoded by the other process engine to make the UI to work


                With that you will be fine

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                  Hi Tom,


                  I'm also using vaadin. Currently i'm looking for a way to integrate jbpm 5.3 in my app using spring. I want to use jbpm to manage workflows. I used jbpm version before in a spring managed webapp. But jbpm 5.3 differs totally from version 3 and there is no example of how to integrate 5.3 with spring.

                  I have in my own way integrated spring with vaadin so that it resembles a swing app.

                  Maybe we can form a group to storm the developers in creating an spring jbpm integration example.

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                    Hi Yusuf,


                    thanks for your feedback.

                    Good to see, that someone else had the same problems.


                    So let's get started!




                    Is there anybody else out there who is interested in this topic and who wants to share his knowledge?



                    Sporty regards


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                      Hi Guys,


                      I decided to step on over to activiti. It's much easier to use.

                      I must admit, i do still like jbpm5, but right now, it's more a of a headache to get working properly.



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                        Hi Tom,

                        Good to know that there is someone doing the jBPM - Vaadin integration as we are trying to do. Have you been successful integrating vaadin with jbpm 5?