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    AbstractSTSLoginModule.populateSubject() - bug?

    john cage Newbie

      Hi all,


      I want to populate a subject using roles passed in a SAML token.

      This seems to be done by AbstractSTSLoginModule.populateSubject() method.

      Here is a question:


      Method populateSubject() first checks if there is mapping manager, but I got null most of the time. HOW TO PROVIDE MappingManager all the time so the method continues?

          protected void populateSubject() {

              MappingManager mappingManager = getMappingManager();          // after first call mappingManager is null

              if (mappingManager == null) {





      PS: It seems that first call works fine (I login with roles correctly), but every other call doesn't work. IT LOOKS LIKE A BUG TO ME.

      I use JBoss 5 and picketlink 2.1.4.


      Thanks for any advice