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    Unable to find ServletResponse Facelet viewId:


      Am using JSF 1.2. In my PhaseListener I want to redirect to success or error page based on the result.

      For that am using below piece of code


      FacesContext facesContext = null; 

      facesContext = e.getFacesContext();   



      I have the required entries for "success" in faces-config.xml

      But, this is not redirecting to success.xhtml page.

      I am getting the folowing error


      [viewhandler] Unable to find ServletResponse Facelet viewId: /jsp/html/success.xhtml


      I also gave a try with below piece of code. Even then its not working


      FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(); 

      UIViewRoot newPage = context.getApplication().getViewHandler().createView(context,"/jsp/html/successful.jsf");  




      Above code, when I had tried with a Portlet it was working. Now when am trying to implement the same in a Servlet its not working

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          This is a JSF based Servlet web application. Request first goes to doGet method of my Servlet. I have this code in my doGet method MyBean myBean = (MyBean) request.getSession().getAttribute("myBean"); After this PhaseListener gets called. And in PhaseListener I have the above NavigationHandler code. But, still am getting Unable to find ServletResponse Facelet viewId: . What could be the posssible cause for this error?