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    Boolean Process Variables are not mapped in Users Tasks?

    Christian Witschel Newbie

      Dear All,


      I am facing another issue, this time in the process variables and users forms area.


      I have declared a Boolean process variable approveBusiness.

      This variable is not present or represented in the process startup form, of course because first someone needs to make his request and then it is approve in a second step.

      So next after the process started it comes to a user task with a form called BusinessApproval. the Atuomatically generated form works nice, it recognized the boolean and created a checkbox.

      I created the Output variable Approve of type Boolean and in Assinments i have Approve is mapped to approveBusiness.


      However after the User Task of Approval is completed approveBusiness is not existing at all.

      Next i tried to include approveBusiness as a hidden input in the process startup form with a default of false. Now there is a process variable called approveBusiness, but it will stay false and is of type String no matter what happens in the approval user form.



      What Am I doing wrong?

      BPMN is attached.




      Also I found that whatever form variables are in the process startup form will become process instance variables, even if they were not declared.



      Christian Witschel