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    problems to balance jms consumers

    Riccardo Pasquini Novice



      I'm experiencing a non-expected behavior to balance jms messages: I setup a server group in the domain that uses the -full-ha profile, next I've started 2 servers in the same host (x1, x2), shifting ports for the second, no special adjustement has been done for the profile configuration.


      I've deployed an EJB that publishes a message in the testQueue and an MDB that consumes from that queue.


      Using a remote client (I was testing client balancing too without any issue), re-configured to lookup only in the x1 server, I start publishing messages, I expected that the cluster configuration of the AS7 messaging service will balance consumers across the nodes.


      I got that messages are consumed only by the server x1


      Looking at AS7/HornetQ doc I've missed any usefull information, or better, it seems to me that what's documented is a "nothing to do" in the -full-ha profile


      Am I missing something or there is an issue?


      bye and thank you