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    Jbpm User/Group management




      I am doing some R&D in jbpm 5.2. I had done some goow examples. Now I want to manage users/groups information for the tasks.


      As mentioned in the documentation the new users/groups can be added by mentining its details in the LoadUsers.mvel,LoadGroups.mvel inside the task-servoce folder. Fine. The password and the roles information are mentioned in the users.properties,roles.properties under the jbpm-console-server.war file.


      Now I am assigning a human task for the group  example "QA" means that only people who belongs to QA can claim and execute the task. But now every users are able to see the task and able to claim?Why it goes wrong here? How to avoid that?


      There are some predefined groups like admin,user,manager if the user is part of any of these groups then only he is able to login to jbpm-console. Where these groups are defined?and what are their priviledges?


      And for each time if I restart my human task service the task related tables are created everytime. So I made hibernate configuration in my persistence.xml as update. But after that it is giving the constraint violation exception. why?


      Waiting for the valueble replies.