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    ModeShape 3.0.0.Beta4 is available

    Randall Hauch Master

      Cross-posted from the ModeShape blog.


      The ModeShape community is proud and happy to announce the availability of 3.0.0.Beta4. All the artifacts are available in the JBoss Maven repository, and you can follow our instructions for using ModeShape in your Maven application. Or,download one of our distributions, including kits to install ModeShape as a service within JBoss AS7.1.1.Final or AS7.2 (which hasn't yet been released, but you can build it from the source). Check out our documentation, release notes, JavaDoc, and our code on GitHub; use our forums or IRC channel to ask questions, and log any issues in our JIRA.


      This release is improved over Beta2 with:

      • internal caches no longer grow unbounded and instead use a separate in-memory Infinispan cache for each workspace cache;
      • improvements and fixes for the MongoDB binary stores (other options include storing on the file system, in Infinispan, or in a JDBC database);
      • improvements in JCR-SQL2 and JCR-QOM queries, especially queries that use INTERSECT, UNION and EXCEPT;
      • corrections to the Node.save() behavior, even though JCR 2.0 deprecated this method in favor of always using Session.save();
      • over two dozen bug fixes and improvements since Beta3.


      Perhaps most importantly, this release v with all JCR features that were available in ModeShape 2.x. This is a first release that has passed all of these tests! (Note that we won't officially certify until 3.0.0.Final, but you can run the TCK tests yourself by downloading our source and running "mvn -s settings.xml clean install -Pjcr-tck".)


      We expect at least one more beta release (a.k.a., 3.0.0.Beta5), but hope to follow that with a candidate for our Final release. We've been making good headway on the remaining outstanding issues.


      As always, we couldn't do this without all the help from our community members. Well done, and keep up the great work!