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    BPMN2 Editor / jBPM Problem

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      I work with jBPM v5.3 to run BPMN 2.0 processes that have been created with the new BPMN2 Editor plugin for Eclipse (BPMN2 Editor | that has been promoted by you at the release of v5.3.


      Now I have a problem using global parameters in processes with that setup. The editor creates a line that looks like this

      [code]<tns:global tns:identifier="MyGlobal" tns:type="java.lang.String"/>[/code]


      The jBPM KnowledgeBuilder with which I have to load the process-file to run the process gives me the following error:

      [code]ProcessLoadError: unable to parse xml : Exception class org.xml.sax.SAXParseException : <global> requires a 'identifier' attribute[/code]


      When I remove the "tns:" before "identifier" and "type" (same problem here) with a text-editor, the KnowledgeBuilder has no problem with the files. The line looks like this after modification:

      [code]<tns:global identifier="MyGlobal" type="java.lang.String"/>[/code]


      After that modification the BPMN2 Editor is not able to recognize the global variable so I have to change it back in order to use the editor.


      This is a SERIOUS problem but I don't know who makes the mistake here. Is it the editor which generates false BPMN-XMLs or is it jBPM which interprets it the wrong way.


      I also don't want to point with a finger. I only want the problem to be fixed. So is it correct to address you or do I have to address the BPMN2 Editor guys? Or maybe both? I created a topic in their support forum for the problem to be addressed. It can be found under the following link:




      I hope for a fast answer because I have a project that depends on that stuff.



      Kindest regards