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    Research for making  a process instance go on with jbpm5 after server restarting.


      Hi all,


      I 'm doing some researches for going on the process with JBPM5.3 instances in the eviroment of persistence and I create two sample:










      In the process , i defined a global variableA for printing it in the script1 and script2 , and the User Task1 can update it.

      I start the process and the instance will wait for completing of user task, every thing will be stored in the db.

      Now i stop the server and restart it , reload the session from db ,register the workItemHandler ,and get UserTask1 to complete whole process .In the userTask1 , i can get the global variable , because  it has been stored in the table of Content, and also script2 can print that variableA which is updated by user task1.

      It looks like everything is ok.


      Let us look another sample:



      In this sample , when i complete the task 1 , i restart the server, then i reload the session , register the workItemHandler , but when i complete the task2 , the process instance will not go to the next node of script3.So i guess that the converge gateway don't know the task 1 has been completed before the server restart.

      Is that correct?What should i do for this issue?