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    Colorpicker component


      Hi I've just developed colorpicker component.


      Currently it's in version 4.X but I can port it to RF 3.X after positive community feedback.


      Demo, download and subversion address are here.

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          Thanks a lot for that.


          1. I noticed that the OK and Cancel buttons class in the rendered HTML is ".rf-cp-btn-o" and ".rf-cp-btn-c" respectively. Shouldn't it be without the dot at the begining?


          2. Please allow to use in a flat mode - without a popup.


          Thanks again.

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            Thanks for the demo! I would like to use it in flat mode too, if that's possible.





            Electric Blower

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              Moshe, Toby thanks for feedback. I think we can provide flat mode soon.

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                Ajax submissions fail on this component when there is more than one form on the page. Firebug shows that the hidden input value is never sent to the server (Mojarra 2.1.7).


                Also, the popup displaces other elements on the page. This can be fixed in css:


                .rf-cp { position: relative;  }

                .rf-cp .rf-cp-h { position: absolute; }


                For what it's worth, I restyled the component like this


                .rf-cp { position: relative; width: 2em; height: 2em; border: 1px solid grey; }

                .rf-cp .rf-cp-h { position: absolute; top: 2em; text-align: center; padding: 0.5em; }

                .rf-cp .rf-cp-h input { margin: 0.5em 0.25em 0em; }



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                  To be more specific, the ajax is always submitting the first form on the page instead of the form containing the color picker. This happens with both f:ajax and a4j:ajax

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                    Can you please add option allowing to open and close the color picker programmatically. For example, I have two color picker side by side, if I open one, I want to close the other one programmactically. Thank you very much.

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                      Roger, could you debug this problem?


                      Thang, I've created issue RFSBOX-73 for this and issued pull request. You can expect the change in colorpicker-4.3.0-SNAPSHOT this week.

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                        Roger, I've created issue RFSBOX-75 for this and issued pull request. You can expect the change in colorpicker-4.3.0-SNAPSHOT this week.

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                          How both RFSBOX-75 and RFSBOX-73 are marked as resolved. That is fast. Thank you very much

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                            for the color picker you have style



                                width: auto;

                                height: auto;

                                display: inline-block;



                            This is conflict wil collapsiblePanel style. Please fix this, thank you

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                              Fixed, and issued pull request. Expect changes to be in 4.3.0-SNAPSHOT this week.

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                                Flatmode implemented. Expect changes to be in 4.3.0-SNAPSHOT this week.

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                                  Will test the updates next time we rebuild our application. Our other problem is there is no way to unset a color, i.e. no color or 'transparent'. Support for hex/css values would be pretty useful too.