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    XML document to web service


      The option to create a web service is enabled just for normal relational xmi and not for xmi that already represent xmldocuments.

      It could be usefull since all is already present and available in the editor.


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          You should be able to import a WSDL and create web service model out of it and then map the your XML document model to serve as transformation layer the generated web service procedures.


          If the XML document model is backed by schema then what you suggesting is possible, I am not sure if Teiid Designer already has this feature, may be some from Designer team will chime in.



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            The flow was importing a XSD -> creating and XML document out of it and populating with relational data -> publishing as a web service the xml document.

            Since web service need an xml doc I have all what is needed, just have to add the WS model and adding operation by hand ... a wizard could be helpfull.


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              Could you please log an enhancement Jira: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/TEIIDDES and reference this post?