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    Setting a whole process istance timer

    Andy Peer Newbie

      Hi, I need to implement a sort of a timer whose scope is the entire (or a part of) process.

      I want to start it when the process starts and then verify the duedate along all the nodes. If the duedate is reached, there would be a transition to a specific node.

      Is there a way to achieve that?

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          edsdev Newbie

          Not sure that I quite understand your question, but I will answer as best I can.


          Create a Varaible for your workflow that is of type Date/Calendar/JodaTime/whatever you want/need

          Initialize that date in your first step (or add a step for initialization) (or pass it into your workflow already initialized as a parameter)

          In each step of your workflow add your logic for the due date check.

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            Andy Peer Newbie

            edsdev thanks for your answer, but I would like to avoid check that state of the timer in every node.

            I solved creating a timer (create-timer tag) in an action event of a node, then deleting it (cancel-timer) in another node. I had a doubt beacuse documentation says timers are deleted automatically on node leaving, but with create-timer tag it seems they are "persistent" during the process flow.