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    If you add a quickstart test to release ...

    Keith Babo Master

      First, way to go!  This is the right thing to do. :-)


      Second, make sure you have your dependencies right.  This can be tough to figure out when everything is built locally, but you need to define the quickstart being tested in two places:





      It's really easy to forget this because the build will still pass if everything is built locally.  Our release build fetches all the other repo artifacts from Maven so it always fails there when one (or both) of these are missing.

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          Rob Cernich Master

          And tell the tooling guys too (or open a JIRA).  We have unit tests in the tooling that verify the tools can at least read all the switchyard.xml files associated with the quickstarts.  This helps us stay on top of model changes (in the event they slip through without a JIRA against tools).

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            Rick Wagner Newbie

            A *huge* +1 on this idea.


            Quickstarts in the current ESB are a huge bonus.  They help us easily show prospective users the benefits of the product, and they give committed users and support personnel well-known use cases to build replicators on.  Without the quickstarts, the ESB would be a formless blob that looks different to every user.  (It's just too multi-purpose!  Users need a common artifact to focus on.)


            AS7 is going over big because developer productivity is enhanced.  *We need to show this for SwitchYard*.  Quickstarts are great here, too.  Cut/change/paste is an awesome way to learn a product.


            Thanks for the work on Switchyard, thanks *especially* for quickstarts.